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Jenn Degagne is the designer and maker behind Mila Sol. After graduating from Rhode Island College with a BA in Jewelry Metals and working for a global jewelry brand, Jenn's wanderlust led her to Alaska, Cambodia, Italy and Spain. Ultimately, it was Barcelona's graffiti etched streets in contrast with old world architecture that reignited her creative spark. After crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat in 2018, Jenn returned to her jewelers bench to start Mila Sol, named after her friends daughter. 

Jenn believes that beauty is found in an element's most natural state. Hand-sanded surfaces and natural patina showcase the organic quality of the materials used in her work.  Her designs and models are often created during her travels where she finds inspiration in everything from architecture, street art, and colors and textures of a new location. She occasionally sketches out ideas, but typically works out designs by playing around with the metaI; holding and investigating a 3D form.

She mainly works in sterling silver and sometimes incorporate little bits of gold into her one of a kind pieces. Jenn pierces and saws, hammers, files, solders, and welds. She also works in wax to achieve interesting textures or patterns. Jenn's work culminates in jewelry as unique as the individuals who wear it.

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