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Designed to compliment your individual style, spark conversation, and celebrate your own wanderlust, Mila Sol offers unique, quality handmade jewelry influenced by architecture, man-made landscapes, and the colors and textures discovered through international adventure.

In the studio, pieces are fabricated directly in metal or created in wax where they are then cast in silver, reworked and molded to become a wearable work of art. Mila Sol jewelry features hand sanded, textured surfaces and matte finishes, making silver bright white through a process called depletion gilding or a rich black by applying a patina to the surface.
At the jewelers bench, silver is transformed into miniature sculptures; artifacts from your favorite places.  Hand painted porcelain cabochons are reminiscent of the colorful urban artwork splashed across your favorite cities. Natural gemstones are reminders of striking landscapes.

 When you put on a piece of Mila Sol jewelry, you're not just wearing a work of art, you're wearing your story; your memories.

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